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~ EVERY Cake is baked fresh using premium ingredients. Our cakes are beautiful and delicious, backed by years of experience, including 24 years professional experience making wedding cakes. We have an extensive portfolio of wedding cakes & 3D designs. While we try to accommodate all orders with sufficient notice, some dates book up several weeks or even months in advance, especially during peak times. Please order early to ensure availability.
Read about our  flavors, and quality standards.

Cake Flavors:

These flavors are used in our celebration cakes, such as sheet cakes 
and layer cakes. Celebration cakes are offered in a variety 
of sizes and shapes to suit the occasion. 

White and Vanilla - White Cake is light & delicately flavored, while Vanilla 
is richer;
using whole eggs & real vanilla bean. White cake is white 
in color, while vanilla
cake is a pale shade of yellow.
Chocolate - Our chocolate is surprisingly moist with rich chocolate flavor. 
Yellow - Yellow cake is a great choice for something basic, but delicious. It is made with real butter which adds moistness and buttery flavor. 
Strawberry, Lemon, Banana - Real strawberry, lemon, & banana is 
used to flavor these cakes. Add  poppy seeds to the lemon cake, 
or walnuts to the banana
cake for an extra special touch.

Almond/Almond Poppy - If you want something a bit different, this is a
great choice; surprisingly delicious, flavored with real almond.

Red Velvet - Red Velvet is a beautiful and delicious choice for the chocolate lover who wants something s little different.

Other flavors are available upon request and with sufficient notice. 

Filling between the layers: Layer cakes include icing between the layers. You can choose to have the icing replaced by filling for 40 cents per serving. Filling flavors are raspberry, strawberry, lemon, fudge, caramel, Bavarian cream, chocolate mousse, chocolate fudge, strawberry chiffon, lemon chiffon, raspberry chiffon, cherry, or cream cheese. Other flavors may be available upon request and with sufficient notice. Some cakes can also be torted into additional layers to add additional filling. 


Premium Cutout Decorated Cookies ~ Our cutout cookies are homemade with real butter and cream cheese. They are delicately crisp & buttery. They start at $30 per dozen per most designs.

Cake Pops - $30 per dozen (most designs)


Specialty Dessert Cakes:   

These cakes are four torted layers of cake and filling, elegantly decorated and perfect for any occasion. We will gladly add an inscription for your occasion.

9" diameter x 5" tall, approximately 25 servings   $75

** BLACK FOREST ** 4 layers of chocolate cake, with cherries and 
chocolate ganache between the layers, iced w
ith whipped 
icing, g
arnished with cherries and chocolate curls

** COOKIES & CREAM ** 4 layers of chocolate cake, filled with whipped cookies  and cream filling and chocolate ganache, iced with whipped icing, drizzled with chocolate ganache, garnished with Oreos

** PEANUT BUTTER CUP ** 4 layers of chocolate cake, filled with 
peanut butter-white chocolate ganache and chocolate ganache 
between the layers, iced with peanut butter buttercream, drizzled 
with chocolate ganache, topped with peanut butter cups

** CARROT ** 4 layers of moist carrot cake made with fresh organic 
carrots, with the option to add raisins, and your choice of pecans or walnuts -  white chocolate ganache & cream cheese filling between the layers, iced 
with your choice of cream cheese or buttercream icing, garnished around 
lower edge with nuts if the cake is ordered to include nuts - additional 
garnish of a carrot on top can be added, if desired.

** RED VELVET ** 4 layers of beautiful red velvet cake, with white chocolate ganache & cream cheese filling between the layers, iced with your choice of cream cheese or buttercream icing - garnished along lower edge with toasted red velvet crumbs & top is garnished with white chocolate embellishments

** ITALIAN CREAM ** 4 layers of decadent Italian cream cake, with  cream cheese filling & toasted coconut between the layers, iced with your choice of cream cheese or buttercream icing, garnished with lightly toasted pecans & coconut along bottom edge,  topped with white chocolate embellishments.