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Celebration cake prices include choice of cake flavor, choice of homemade buttercream icing or whipped icing, and basic decorations; buttercream flowers, basic freehand, borders, inscription, sprinkles, etc. Additional charges may apply for elaborate freehand, fondant covering, stacking tiers, fondant swags, bows, drapes, handmade edible décor, and hand painted designs. 

Sheet cakes are 2" in height. Number of servings is based on 2" x 2" square slices.
QUARTER Sheet Cake        25+ servings         $45 
QUARTER Sheet Cakes: Choose one flavor. 
HALF Sheet Cake                   50+ servings          $55 
HALF Sheet Cakes: Choose any flavor    ~ OR ~    1/2 chocolate and 1/2 vanilla 
FULL Sheet Cake                 100+ servings          $100

FULL Sheet Cakes: Choose any two flavors.
*** Sheet Cakes can be made to custom fit the event, and to serve very large parties.  


Round layer cakes can be virtually any diameter and height to suit custom needs. Squares, Hearts,
Hexagons, and Ovals are also available in assorted size/height options. The most popular sizes  
listed below, are each made of (2) 2" layers. We will gladly provide a quote for other size/serving options.
6" ROUND Double Layer Cake                               12 servings                     $30
8" ROUND Double Layer Cake                               20 servings                    $45 

10" ROUND Double Layer Cake                             28 servings                    $50  
12" ROUND Double Layer Cake                             40 servings                    $65

10" SQUARE Double Layer Cake                          30 servings                     $75 
12" HEART Double Layer Cake                              34 servings                     $85
13" x 10" OVAL Double Layer Cake                      30 servings                      $60

All cupcakes include basic decor; color choice, sprinkles, and/or picks
Basic Cupcakes                   per 1/2 dozen: $10            per dozen: $16

(choice of cake flavor + buttercream icing)
Gourmet Cupcakes           per 4 pack: $10                  per dozen: $25 
(choice of suggested flavor combinations, or create your own by combining
choice of cake flavor, choice of filling, and gourmet icing and topping options)
Cupcake "Cakes"                                         per dozen               $30     
                                                                               per 18                       $38       
                                                                               per 2 dozen           $45 

 GOURMET SPECIALTY CAKES                  25 servings                      $75
Italian Cream ~ Red Velvet ~ Black Forest ~ Carrot ~ Cookies & Cream ~ Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
These cakes are four glorious torted layers of alternating cake and decadent filling. They are made using
premium ingredients, and are elegantly decorated. An inscription can be added.
HANDMADE CUT-OUT DECORATED SUGAR COOKIES                            $30 per dozen
Made with real butter; lightly crisp and delicate...                                                               (most designs)

CAKE POPS                 $30 per dozen (most designs) 

2-D and 3-D CAKES
are always by quote. Please ask.